Am I Worrying Too Much?

Whilst worrying is very normal, when it manifests as persistent, excessive and uncontrollable, affecting your daily life this is often known as Generalised Anxiety. It can leave you feeling drained, on edge, restless and disengaged. You spend so much of the day worrying that you have neglected many of your daily tasks which can lead…… Continue reading Am I Worrying Too Much?

How To Sleep Better

Sleeping is essential to our mental and physical health. I’s definitely my biggest issue and something that I need to take control of and improve. There’s a chance that some of this advice will be irrelevant to you – if you don’t bother with any of these techniques and still sleep like a log, good for…… Continue reading How To Sleep Better

Models: Preparing For Your First Nude Photoshoot

Preparing for your first shoot can either be a super fun part of the process or an anxiety inducing, nerve-racking panic. Either way, there’s a load of things you can be getting on with planning in the time between booking and actually modelling for your shoot. Whilst this series is mostly to answer things I’m…… Continue reading Models: Preparing For Your First Nude Photoshoot

Wellness and Wellbeing – What Is It?

When we think of mental health issues, we often think about breakdowns, severe depression, crippling social anxiety and the inability to function and complete your usual daily tasks. However, I think it’s really important to remember that, much like our physical health, our mental health is on a sliding scale between our good days and…… Continue reading Wellness and Wellbeing – What Is It?

Models: Five Steps to Becoming a Hopeful Suicide Girl.

I’m often asked for tips and advice about organising and arranging your first shoot for Suicide Girls – usually by girls wanting to book me to shoot their first set (which is ace, promo: my website is here) but sometimes that just isn’t possible, they don’t live in the UK or already have someone else…… Continue reading Models: Five Steps to Becoming a Hopeful Suicide Girl.

How Can I Become a Suicide Girl? Pros and Cons.

“The SuicideGirls are exceptionally interesting and stylish beautiful women from all over the world. They are the most crush worthy women we could find on the planet, the girls with style and grace and sexiness that we love.” – At this point I’m assuming you’ve read my first blog ‘What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?’ or you…… Continue reading How Can I Become a Suicide Girl? Pros and Cons.

What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?

This is my fourth year working with Suicide Girls as a photographer, almost exclusively. Whilst I do photograph other things, I consider SG to be my ‘main job’ as a freelance photographer. Focusing on SG is something that has happened gradually but was definitely a conscious decision of mine. I used to shoot for a…… Continue reading What Is ‘Suicide Girls’?